Present over Perfect: Stopping the Social Media Obsession

At 8:00  6:00 a.m. every morning I am woken up to sweet baby chatter.  Since I don’t hear any immediate distress, I take a moment to allow myself to wake up.  I reach for my phone and check my social media.

What did I miss while I was asleep? Did anyone like my Facebook post or Instagram photos? Did I get any emails? Are there any big sales I don’t want to miss today?

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How I got my Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Throughout my pregnancy I can recall several people giving me two pieces of advice

  1. Get as much sleep as you can
  2. Sleep when the baby sleeps

Like almost all advice, I considered it and then I didn’t take it to heart.  In my mind, it sounded ridiculous.  After all, sleep can’t be stockpiled and saved and if I sleep when the baby sleeps, am I supposed to cook when the baby cooks and clean when the baby cleans?!

Friends, as silly as this advice sounded at the time, I realize now that I should have listened.  Today I relay those two pieces of advice to every expecting mom I meet.

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