I’m Ashley aka the Mindful Momma Bear! Im a 29-year-old Montana native currently live in South Carolina.  My wonderful husband, Nick, has two jobs 1)Navy sailor and 2) official blog editor. Together we have a 18-month-old baby boy, Rhett, and two furbabies, Shiloh (Corgi) and Kona (cat).  Since becoming a mom, I have paused my career as a special education teacher and have taken on the role of stay-at-home mom (and amateur blogger).

I love podcasts, the smell of coffee, breweries, farmhouse decor, National Parks, and Jesus!

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As a new mom, I struggled with Postpartum Depression and often felt lost. I craved real people and real conversations, but I lived in a new place and had a hard time reaching out to people . So, I started turning to blogs and reading about others experiences. These blogs provided me encouragement, advice, and someone to relate to. So, now it’s my turn to return the favor.

I hope that you leave my blog gaining one helpful piece of advice. Fun fact, my son’s name means “advice”. Coincidence or fate?!

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The Skinny On the Name

Why Mindful Momma Bear? The momma bear is a protector. She would do anything for her cub (child) …I can relate to the momma bear! To me, a mindful momma bear is a mom who is conscious and seeks ways to help their child be safe, grow, and thrive.

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If you love…

1)Tips, Tricks, and advice on motherhood
2) A somewhat crunchy/natural lifestyle
3) Real Talk

You’ll feel right at home here!