Peace of Mind with Smart Beat Baby Monitor

This post was written in collaboration with Smart Beat, however, all opinions are my own.


Parenthood is filled with lots of emotions, from excitement all the way to WORRY.  From day one, we worry if our children are getting enough milk, sleep, attention, tummy time…the list goes on!  We also worry about the worst case scenario, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

I still remember the early days of being a sleep deprived mom-bie (a mom zombie).  When my son was first born, my husband and I took shifts in the middle of the night staying awake and watching our newborn sleep.  Although our son was right by my side in our room, I always felt worried at nighttime because I couldn’t keep an eye on him while I slept.  After all, who would notify me if something bad was happening?!

The truth is, most parents have this fear while their children sleep.


While we survived the the newborn and infant stage, I still worry about my son as a Toddler.

Since we all like that comfort and reassurance of being able to watch our little ones sleep, the one device that most parents rely on today is a baby monitor.

Traditional monitors show you the child and allow you to hear them, while other devices can be paired with monitors and applied to the body to give you a heartbeat detection. A heartbeat detection monitor is a must for me.  The reason being that I want to be notified if something is happening to my child and traditional monitors don’t do that and unfortunately, my toddler just won’t keep a wearable monitor on him during the night.

These two ideas were combined and ….

The Smart Beat was born!


What is it?

Smart Beat is a video monitor that tracks the movement of your child and informs you of their heartrate.  AH-MAZING.  No wearables and hooking up to your child…just mount it on the wall! But how?!

How does it work?

The monitor checks the color of its 2 million pixels 20 times every second. That’s 2.4 billion data points per minute. Every time there is movement, a pixel changes color. Smart Beat‘s specialized algorithms analyze those color changes to determine the actual breathing rate.

Smart Beat sends an alarm to your phone when your baby’s breathing stops for 20 seconds, which is a clinical apnea.

Where has this been all my life?!


Guys, I have tried several baby monitors and this one is my all-time favorite!

What makes it stand out for me…

  • You can adjust the camera’s angle using the app on your phone
  • You can share video with family members + watch video while away from home
  • It alerts you when your child has fallen asleep or is awake
  • Does NOT have to worn (can be used with swaddles, pajamas, etc.)
  • You can talk to your child through the monitor
  • Real-time breathing can be viewed


I’ll have peace of mind as I go to sleep tonight.

Feel free to check out this video for a more in depth look at the Smartbeat or hop on over to to order your own today.



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