Instagram Influencing 101

Hey girl,

Do you want to make money by sharing/reviewing products? Do you want to recieve products in exchange for photos? Do you want to share with the world your talent or grow your business?

Then you want to be an INFLUENCER! 

If you haven’t heard yet, Instagram is more than just a place to share photos of your family and food…it’s a place to gain product and business opportunities!

What is an Instagram Influencer? Simply put, an influencer  is someone who has a following and can persuade others with their authenticity.

Sounds pretty easy, right?You may be wondering how I fell into influencing, so let me tell you a little back story.

When I first created my page, like most people, I intended for it to be a place to share photos of my cute newborn son.  During late night feedings, I spent a lot of time on Instagram. As I started scrolling through peoples feeds, I realized that they were getting free product and or/ were getting paid.  I was sold and wanted in!

I only had 227 followers when I began this journey (yes, most of that was my family and friends). My photos were taken on my phone and I had NO idea what I was doing. I just dove right in and started emailing companies trying to collaborate.  I had a rough start, because I didn’t have the tools and strategies that I have now (and that you’ll gain below). There were LOTS of “no’s”, but one day I finally got a “yes”!   These tools have helped me grow to where I am today.

You may look at my page and think, “well she’s not that successful.” Success is defined as you see it.  Yes, my goals have not been met (still workin’ on 10 k!), but I feel like I have had enough success in this industry to share with you what I know today.  Let me tell you this.

You’re journey to becoming an influencer will be like running a marathon.  It will be slow paced and it won’t happen overnight. So, get out there and start training!

Here are my 3 tips to becoming an Instagram Influencer.


Create a Cohesive Feed

Screenshot-2019-04-27_21.38.40 (2)

Your feed is the first thing prospective collaborators will be looking at.

The first thing you need is a “theme”.  You may notice that a lot of people have a pattern in their feed (person, food, object…repeat), while others are just scattered.  Decide on your style and pattern and stick to it.  If you want to be a motherhood influencer, post photos relating to children and moms.  If you want to be a fitness influencer, post photos of workouts, food, clothing, etc. Find your niche and show the world!

Focus on taking quality photos.  Companies that collaborate with you will want to use your photos for their own Instagram page or website.  They will be looking for high resolution photos that are clear.  This may be the time to invest in a beginner DSLR camera and to take a few photography lessons (stay tuned for my upcoming blog post)!

Use a preset to edit your photos.  Presets are like Instagram filters for your photos. It only takes one click to edit your photo, and your done! Using the same preset to edit your photos will make your feed look cohesive.  You can purchase them from Etsy or photography companies ($10-$99) and use them in the photo editing app, Lightroom CC (which is FREE)!

Ask to Collaborate


(Collaboration example for Hylands Health)

This is the fun part…working with brands!

To start off, I ONLY work with brands that I want to promote. Why you ask? I wouldn’t feel right promoting a product to my followers that I actually didn’t like.   It’s okay to be picky (even at the beginning). Once you’ve gained a following, companies will start reaching out to you!

There are two ways to gain collabs with companies.

               1.Use a network


             2. Good ‘ol fashioned email!

I’ve listed my favorite influencer networks below.  All of them (except AmbassdHer) are free to sign-up! As for emails, most companies have an email on their contact page for collaborations. Wondering what to write? Check out my simple example below. Be sure to tell the company what they will be gaining from your collaboration (photos, publicity, reviews, a blog post, etc.).

Email example:


My name’s _____ and i’m a mom to a ____ month old. I run a blog/Instagram that focuses on motherhood and life.  We love your company because ______________.  I am writing to see if you are looking for any collaborations. We would love to help promote _____ and provide you with some pictures and feature you on our blog! Please feel free to look at our page. Thank you!


Influencer Networks:Massive SwayObviously/ AmbassadHer

Gain Followers

Your success will be based on your number of followers (no pressure)!

This does not mean that you have to wait for more followers to get started.  We all have to start somewhere, so start reaching out to companies now!

If applying for campaigns through agencies, you often will be required to have a certain number of followers to apply.  This is because companies are looking for influencers who have a large and engaged following.  They want to know that people will be seeing their product!

There you go folks! 3 simple steps to becoming an influencer.

**Interested in learning more about gaining followers? Stay tuned for more information in my next blog post.


As always, I’d love to hear from you below! 


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3 thoughts on “Instagram Influencing 101

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I love your feed and have been inspired by your product posts! Have you had any luck with DM-ing brands on Insta, or is email the best bet? Thanks again! 🙂


    1. Hi Hillary!,
      I find that most companies prefer emails! This will get you a lot quicker response. Instagram DM’s often get buried with all the other messages. Good luck!


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