Easter Baskets Under $30

Can you believe Easter is around the corner?

I’ve seen a lot of basket guides for the littles floating around. Yes, they have SO many cute ideas, but let’s be real I’m a stay at home mom and can’t drop $100 on an Easter basket (nor would I want to). We recently started budgeting and we are being more conscious of what we spend.  That’s why I’ve put together some Easter basket guides for under $30 dollars.

So what’s in these basket guides?

To start off, these are gender neutral and SUPER simple! A lot of these items are from the dollar section at Target. So, while I can’t link them I just wanted to show you an idea of what you can score for a good price. I suggest you run and try to get some before they run out! Of course, these items can be mixed and matched and you can find some other cheap options in the dollar section.

So, here we go!…


We recently started gardening, so I thought it would be fun to include a gardening basket! Can you imagine how much fun kids would have digging in the dirt and “helping” out in the garden? Plus, it’s a fun way to get outside and teach your kids about fruits/vegetables.  Also, you could divide up the garden tools and give one to each kid (saving even more money!)

Option 1: Total- $24-30

  1.  Wire Easter Basket
  2.  Watering Can : $6.00
  3.  Gloves (Dollar Section at Target): $3
  4. Gardening tools (Dollar Section at Target): $3
  5. Book: $5-10

Best Prices:



1 (1).pngWho doesn’t love art supplies? There are endless possiblities with the Do-A-Dot markers and finger crayons.  We love using The Resourceful Mama’s  free printables worksheets and art project guides.  Yep, I said FREE!

Option 2: $30-$32

  1. Wire Easter Basket : $5.00
  2. Toddler Finger Crayons: $9.99 (or the Do A Dot Marker)
  3.  Do A Dot Art Markers:$11. 49  (or the Finger Crayons)
  4. Free Printables The Resourceful Mama
  5. Slumberkins Sleepy Peep: $14.99


I wanna hear from you! What items would you add to this list? Drop them below in the comments.  




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