My First Mother’s Day

To the boy who made me momma,

This is a day I have always dreamt of being able to celebrate.  Today, I celebrate my first Mother’s Day.

When mommy and daddy wanted to have you, we prayed. We asked God to send us a healthy and happy baby. God heard and answered our prayers.

We spent 9 months anxiously waiting to meet you. As my belly grew, you grew. I felt your kicks, flutters, and hiccups. You found comfort in me, even in those early days. As you grew, my body was permanently changed.  My soft middle now reminds me of our time together.

You took your time coming into this world, but when you did, I felt complete. When they laid you on my chest, you looked into my eyes for the first time. For the first time in my life, I cried happy tears.  All the labor and pain was pushed to the back of my mind and nothing else mattered but my perfect baby boy. I felt a love that is stronger than anything that I will EVER feel.


How could I have made something so beautiful and perfect? How did God know exactly what I needed?

Before you were born, I thought I had life figured out. I thought I knew my life’s purpose. I thought I knew what love was. I thought I knew what it meant to put others before yourself. I thought I knew what being a mother was like. The truth is, I didn’t know any of these things until I became a mom.

Little boy, you have taught me the value of sleep. You have taught me to be patient and understanding through the growing pains, sleepless nights, and breastfeeding. You have taught me to treasure the little moments in life and celebrate the accomplishments. You have taught me to cherish time, as you grow each day.  You have taught me to put someone else’s needs above my own. You have taught me how to love and be loved. You taught me how to be a mom.


I spend the days dreaming away. I dream of what you will grow up to be.  I ask myself, what characteristics you will have, what sports you will play, where you will live, what you will do to change this world.  I dream that you will have the life I hope for you.

As your mom, I promise to love you unconditionally.  I promise to stand up and advocate for you.  I promise to be there for you when you need me, and to give you space when you don’t. I promise to try to be patient and not be quick to get angry.  I promise to be the mom you need me to be.



Thank you for giving me the greatest gift in the world… being your mom! I love you more than anything you will know and you are my everything.




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