Force of Nature Clean

Recently, I shared on my Instagram my love for a product that has replaced almost all of my cleaning products in my home.

Didn’t catch my post? My new true love is Force of Nature.

If I could marry a cleaning product, this would be it.  I love everything about it.  It has all the qualities I want in a cleaning product: non-toxic, power of bleach, multitasking and cost effective.  I talk to my husband and friends about this product like it’s the love of my life (which it may be).


How Does it Work?

I could try to explain it all to you, but this video will do it for me!

Why is it Green?

Force of Nature is greenest cleaning product I have found.  Here’s why:

  1. There are no toxic chemicals to go into the water system.
  2. Zero plastic bottles to be transported or disposed of – you simply refill and re-use your spray bottle. Our bottles are free of both BPA & BPS.
  3. All shipping materials 100% recyclable.

Not only is it safe for the environment, it’s also safe for humans and pets. Force of Nature poses no harm if you come in contact with the product.  That means gloves are no longer required for cleaning and children can help with the mess (a mom’s dream)! It’s the only product I trust for cleaning toys and pacifiers that go directly into my babies mouth.


A comparison of other name brand cleaners with Force of Nature.  

What Can I Clean With It?

Everything.  No, I’m not exaggerating…you can literally clean everything.  Below is what I use it for.

1: Deodorizing: Diaper pails, cat + dog (yep, I spray them with it), laundry basket, shoes, my husbands workout clothes, litter box

2. Daily CleaningSealed granite countertops, tubs + tile, toilets, fabric stains, glass

3. Miscellaneous (things I forget to clean): Humidifiers, makeup brushes, toothbrushes, yoga mat

4. Baby Items:  High chair, baby toys and play mat, pacifiers

5. Furniture and Rugs: Cleans up accidents on the couch + carpet

I often get asked, “Does it actually work?”  Yes, absolutely, yes! Force of Nature is just as effective as Clorox, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Febreze, Resolve & 409. It’s even better in the fact that it does not remove colors, like bleach!

*Check out this Force of Natures article, 18 New Uses for Force of Nature You Probably Never Thought Of , to find out more uses!

Is it Worth the Price?

Myth: I can mix together salt, water, and vinegar at home and make it myself.

Truth: You cannot make the same solution at home without the proper tools. The secret to Force of Nature is adding electricity.  While mixing salt, water, and vinegar at home can make a cleaning solution, it does not create the two molecules, Sodium Hydroxide and Hypochlorous Acid, formed through Force of Nature.  If you want the ability to clean and deodorize with the power of bleach and clean up messes, then a Force of Nature starter kit is for you.

Friends, this product is worth every penny.  Think about all the cleaning supplies you use in your home.  Now imagine only using ONE bottle to clean and deodorize your entire house.  With Force of nature you’re eliminating the need to have 1 million (exaggeration) bottles of household cleaner and you’re cutting down on the cost of cleaning.

Each 12 ounce bottle of Force of Nature costs 80 cents, which is 7 cents per ounce. Compare that to a 12 ounce bottle of Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Cleaner that is approximately $3.99 and you will see the savings.

Be sure to take advantage of this deal!  Follow my referral link below and sign up for $30 off your starter kit and free shipping.  That’s a starter kit originally $89.99, for $59.99.

↓ Follow this link ↓ 


force of nature


Are you ready to use Force of Nature? Be sure to comment below!



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**Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post. We only promote items that we ourselves use and love.  All our opinions are 100% our own.  


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