Fathers Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is quickly approaching!

Maybe you’re like me and you like to get your gifts early, or maybe you are reading this a few nights before and hoping that Amazon Prime will get your 2 day-delivery there ASAP.  Either way, we all struggle with finding the perfect gift sometimes.

My one hope is that this post will spark some idea for you! Even if these aren’t the perfect gifts for the dad in your life, they should lead you on the right track.



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Tips + Tricks for Capturing Childhood

As moms, we all want to capture and remember our little one’s childhood.

We do that by taking photos of all the memorable moments- small and big. From day one, we find ourselves taking pictures of those tiny little hands/feet and the cute little squinty faces our newborn makes. Later on, we find ourselves taking photos of family trips, graduations, proms, and more.

Your phone is likely flooded with pictures of your children (and barely any picture of yourself).

You, my friend are the mamarrazi or mom-tographer as I like to call it!
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Easter Baskets Under $30

Can you believe Easter is around the corner?

I’ve seen a lot of basket guides for the littles floating around. Yes, they have SO many cute ideas, but let’s be real I’m a stay at home mom and can’t drop $100 on an Easter basket (nor would I want to). We recently started budgeting and we are being more conscious of what we spend.  That’s why I’ve put together some Easter basket guides for under $30 dollars.

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Tips for Traveling with Baby

Summer is approaching and you know what that means….SUMMER VACATIONS!!!

For some of you, this may be your first time traveling with a baby.  You are likely hyperventilating over the long list of baby items you need to pack.  For the rest of you,  this isn’t your first time, but you may feel like a hot mess when you travel (forgetting things or remaining unorganized).

Friend, you are not alone and I have been there!

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